Sagar Alias Jacky Reloaded 2009

An underworld don who operates internationally, Sagar Alias Jacky had to deal with the likes of Naina (Suman) and Goa based Rozario brothers who want to do away with Sagar. But each time Sagar with his fearlessness and brilliance in plotting, outplays them. The film starts off very interestingly when Indhu(Shobhana), the daughter of the state chief minister (Nedumudi Venu) calls Sagar to save her husband Manu (Manoj K Jayan) from the clutches of Rozario brothers.

Alias 2002

Eva accidentally witnesses (and tapes) the suicide of a girl. The tape is stolen but retrieved by Dieter, with whom she starts an affair.

Alias Nick and Nora 1990

William Powell was a dapper gentlemen whose career transcended the silent screen to the sound screen. He appeared in many movies first as a villain, then as a detective, and later as a wealthy aristocratic type. Myrna Loy followed a similar career. She often played exotic seductresses in her early films, then transitioned to motherly roles. Both found a hit when they appeared together in The Thin Man, which became a the longest running movie series starring a famous pair in history.

Alias 2013

An observational look at the lives of five Toronto rappers.

Alias Jesse James 1959

Insurance salesman Milford Farnsworth sells a man a life policy only to discover that the man in question is the outlaw Jesse James. Milford is sent to buy back the policy, but is robbed by Jesse. And when Jesse learns that Milford's boss is on the way out with more cash, he plans to rob him too and have Milford get killed in the robbery while dressed as Jesse, and collect on the policy.

Alias Batman and Robin 1991

Alyas Batman en Robin is a 1991 Filipino Batman comedy film produced by Viva Films spoofing the 1960s Batman television series. It later become popular on the Australian market and became used as a training film for The Birds are Coming Enterprises. The movie was initially an unauthorized production, set to capitalize on the then in-production 1989 Batman film starring Michael Keaton. Warner Brothers threatened legal action and the release of the film was delayed until legal entanglements could be sorted out. The film was released in 1991, two years later than the intended 1989 release.

Alias St. Nick 1935

Mrs. Mouse is reading "A Visit from St. Nicholas" to her brood when a cat tries to break in. The cat overhears them arguing about the existence of Santa, so he dresses up accordingly.

Alias Maria 2015

A vision of Colombia's inhuman armed conflict, seen through the eyes of a young - and pregnant - girl soldier.

Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow 1963

This Disney drama, originally broadcast as a three-part TV episode, tells the story of a vicar's double life. Outwardly, he is the model of upstanding citizenship and loyalty to an oppressive British government. But he is also a notorious smuggler who uses his ill-gotten gains to benefit his impoverished village.

Alias French Gertie 1930

Bebe Daniels plays a safecracker posing as a French maid in order to gain access to wealthy homes. In the midst of a nocturnal search for a cache of valuables, Daniels is interrupted by Ben Lyon, another safecracker. Narrowly escaping arrest, Bebe and Ben decide to pool their talents, but Bebe gets the urge to reform and encourages Ben to do the same. As it turns out, both thieves are swindled out of their own savings by a seemingly benign old couple.

Alias John Preston 1955

A mysterious young man settles in a rural English town and immediately starts making a good impression. Before long he has insinuated himself into local life, is married and is serving on the board of the local hospital. Everything seems to be going well for him until a newly appointed consultant psychiatrist shows up and starts asking some probing questions.

Alias John Law 1935

John Clark (Bob Steele) and his deaf pal, Bootch Collum (Buck Connors), are trailed by U. S. Marshal Lamar Bly (Jack Rockwell)...

Alias the Doctor 1932

Karl is the workaholic adopted son while Stephan is the lazy one. They both go to Munich to study medicine and Karl is at the top of the class while Stephan is barely passing. When Stephan's actions causes the death of Anna, Karl is the one who takes the wrap and three years in prison. When he gets out, he finds Stephan is dead and a sick child needs an operation and he does brilliant surgery. This gets him noticed and his mother tells them that he is Stephan Brenner, not Karl Brenner. She tells Karl that he must cure sickness in the world. But, being that he is Stephan, he can no longer marry Lottie, as she is now his sister.

Alias Billy the Kid 1946

Texas Ranger Sunset Carson is given the mission of tracking down the notorious Marshall gang. Uncovering their hideout, he discovers the gang is led by Ann Marshall and is comprised of three of her ranch-hands, Dakota, PeeWee and Buckskin. He soon learns that they are the innocent victims of a ring of swindlers and cattle rustlers led by the ruthless Matt Conroy.

Alias Nick Beal 1949

Alias Nick Beal is a 1949 fantasy film retelling of the Faust myth. In this version, a judge sells his soul to the devil.

Alias Loner 2014

First time director Pucis effectively sets up the conflict between heroism and self-preservation in the face of an all-seeing invader in this black-and-white docudrama set in 1945. In the wake of the second Soviet occupation, rural Catholic priest Antons Juhnevics helps local men escape forced conscription in the oppressor's army by hiding them on the church grounds. The danger and the tension build to a showdown in the snowy woods, as the ruse is prolonged with fateful consequences.

Alias Jimmy Valentine 1928

An Incompetent insurance salesman sells a policy to Jesse James and has to protect his client until he can get it back.

Alias 2001

Sydney Bristow, an agent who has been tricked to believe she is working for the U.S. government, is actually working for a criminal organization named the Alliance of Twelve. Upon learning this, Sydney becomes a double agent for the real CIA.

Alias Grace 2017

Based on the true story of Grace Marks, a housemaid and immigrant from Ireland who was imprisoned in 1843, perhaps wrongly, for the murder of her employer Thomas Kinnear. Grace claims to have no memory of the murder yet the facts are irrefutable. A decade after, Dr. Simon Jordan tries to help Grace recall her past.

Alias J.J. 2017

As the Medellín Cartel crumbles, Pablo Escobar's No. 1 hit man struggles to stay alive and gain respect in the prison hierarchy.

Alias Smith and Jones 1971

Alias Smith and Jones is an American Western series that originally aired on ABC from 1971 to 1973. It stars Pete Duel as Hannibal Heyes and Ben Murphy as Jedediah "Kid" Curry, a pair of cousin outlaws trying to reform. The governor offers them a conditional amnesty, as he wants to keep the pact under wraps for political reasons. The condition is that they will still be wanted— until the governor can claim they have reformed and warrant clemency.

Alias the Jester

Alias the Jester was a British animated series created by Cosgrove Hall Films, airing in 13 episodes on ITV starting on 13 November 1985. The show also aired during the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's after school timeslot and is considered one of the Classic ABC shows. GBC TV in Gibraltar aired the series multiple times in the late eighties, notably as a filler during the children's 630pm - 730pm weekday slot.

Keyshia & Daniel: Family First 2012

Keyshia & Daniel: Family First is an American reality television series starring R&B singer Keyshia Cole. The series premiered on October 9, 2012, on BET.

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