End of the World 2013

In End of the World, the fate of humanity lies in the hands of two guys who run a video rental store and are “sci-fi obsessed” movie fans. And who better to save the world, than guys who have seen all the movies and all the “out there” ways to save it!?

Encounters at the End of the World 2007

Herzog and cinematographer Peter Zeitlinger go to Antarctica to meet people who live and work there, and to capture footage of the continent's unique locations. Herzog's voiceover narration explains that his film will not be a typical Antarctica film about "fluffy penguins", but will explore the dreams of the people and the landscape.

End of the World 2013

Gabriele carries a burden he does not want to reveal. Sergio is looking for somebody to share his pain. They meet on the edge of what seems to be the end of the world.

A Home at the End of the World 2004

Three friends form a bond over the year, Johnathan is gay, Clare is straight and Bobby is neither, instead he loves the people he loves. As their lives go on there is tension and tears which culminate in a strong yet fragile friendship between the three.

Lost City Raiders 2008

The year is 2048, and global warming has flooded much of Earth's land areas. A father and his two sons try to salvage treasures from sunken buildings when they are given an important assignment by the New Vatican.

Category 7: The End of the World 2005

It's tornadoes, hurricanes, electrical storms, and mass destruction as the effects of global warming brew into a super storm that threatens to rend the earth with an unprecedented power. Beautiful scientist Faith Clavell, storm chaser Tommy Tornado, and Judith Carr, the head of FEMA, can stop the inevitable from happening-if they have the courage to venture into the roiling blackness of the storm itself.

The End of the World 1989

The monotonous everyday life of an elderly couple is recorded almost silently in a time frame of three days. A woman and a man who have lived their whole lives together no longer have anything in common, apart from habit and the arguments that separate them.

After the End of the World 1998

Two friends (Katerina Didaskalo, Stefan Danalyov) are separated when their village is divided by Communism, but they meet again 40 years later and begin having an affair.

Eden at the End of the World 2008

At the bottom of South America, where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans collide, is Patagonia, one of the last great wild Edens on Earth. Join National Geographic on a journey to this breathtaking subantarctic region and its crowned jewel—Tierra del Fuego—a beautifully desolate island at its most southern tip. Home to Magellanic penguins, elephant seals, right whales, and guanacos, this stark, wind-whipped wilderness now faces its greatest challenge: recovering from the misguided actions of man. With stunning footage and behind-the-scenes interviews with some of the world's most committed conservationists, Eden at the End of the World offers a wondrous glimpse into the pristine haven that is Patagonia.

End of the World 2015

The Mayan doomsday prophecy looms over a dark night in Poland. A late-night radio host takes in calls from citizens expressing their concerns, predictions and speculations on what may happen when—or even if—the sun comes up. Simultaneously, a crisis centre dispatcher fields panicked calls from people experiencing real-life traumatic situations in need of immediate attention. The voices of these callers are interwoven with an intimate therapy session and a wandering taxicab to build a profile of a place where citizens want to be heard. Never showing the callers on the other end of the line, the film creates an aural overview of a darkened city. As the night progresses, the calls continue coming in, revealing the various struggles people are experiencing in dealing with conceptual fears and current woes—all in a world that soon may be over.

End of the World 2002

Kazumi is at a punk concert and bumps into Yuko. Yuko is a girl from another dimension. Kazumi invites Yuko over to her apartment. There Yuko's robotic sidekick and stead Face comes from out of the t.v. The wall opens up and Yuko and Face enter into different dimension. Yuko seeks to kill the creator of the dimension to end the suffering of it's people. Yuko meets Kazumi, who claims not to be from Earth, at a rock concert, and they become instant friends. Yuko invites her new friend to come live with her. However, onces Kazumi gets to Yuko's apartment, she leaves through the wall with her trusty cybernetic steed and into another dimension to face evil.

The End of the World 1993

In the quietness of rural life, small disputes about the right to use a rivulet may take the proportion of a life-and-death matter..

The End of the World 2010

At the end of summer on Balkan has great drought. The migratory birds who are thirsty and cold are dying on the way to their home .Two people, father and son, are trying to make money by searching sources of water, which is old family tradition. One day they will find the gold cable. The son will cut the cable, although his father says no, but the cable was powered the Sun and the Moon. While they dig, stars like lampions are disappearing one by one. The Moon disappears last...

End of the World 1931

The plot concerns a comet hurling toward Earth on a collision course and the different reactions to people on the impending disaster.

The End of the F***ing World 2017

James is 17 and is pretty sure he is a psychopath. Alyssa, also 17, is the cool and moody new girl at school. The pair make a connection and she persuades him to embark on a darkly comedic road trip in search of her real father.

The End of the World 1994

Maria is in need of money. Because her day-time job doesn't pay enough, she works at night at a cabaret. She needs the money so that she can pay for her sister, Nana's eyes operation. When both Maria and Nana were younger, Maria burned down the home, causing her sister's blindness and killing their father (mother survived.) Shiro is a famous concert pianist. However, he isn't happy with his marriage or his life in general. Maria and Shiro are united through a traffic accident, causing Shiro to be hospitalized. Faking amnesia and his identity, he stays at Maria's place and eventually starts to work at the cabaret as a piano player. As you will find out later on, life was not meant for Maria and Shiro to find one another.

WorldEnd: What are you doing at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us? 2017

The fleeting and sad story about little girls known as fairy weapons and an associate hero that survived. This is a world after it was attacked by unidentified monsters known as beasts and many of the species in the world, including humans, had been destroyed. The species that had managed to survived left the ground and were living on a floating island called Regal Ele. Willem Kmetsch wakes up above the clouds 500 years later and couldn’t protect the ones who he wanted to protect. Actually, he was living in despair because he was the only survivor.

Kobieta na krańcu świata

Kobieta na krańcu świata is a Polish documentary television series broadcast on TVN. The programme is presented by Martyna Wojciechowska who visits interesting places all over the world and shows every day life of women living there. It premiered on 20 September 2009.

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