Broken Flowers 2005

As the devoutly single Don Johnston is dumped by his latest girlfriend, he receives an anonymous pink letter informing him that he has a son who may be looking for him.

Flowers in the Attic 1987

After the death of her husband, a mother takes her kids off to live with their grandparents in a huge, decrepit old mansion. However, the kids are kept hidden in a room just below the attic, visited only by their mother who becomes less and less concerned about them and their failing health, and more concerned about herself and the inheritence she plans to win back from her dying father.

Flowers 2015

An abstract, surreal horror film centering on six dead women waking up in the crawl space below their killer's house.

Harrison's Flowers 2000

Harrison Lloyd is a Pulitzer-winning photojournalist. His wife and family are making it hard for him to keep his mind on his work when he's in a war zone, and he wants to change jobs to something less stressful. But he's got one last assignment, in war-torn Yugoslavia, in 1991, at the height of the fighting. Word comes back that he apparently died in a building collapse, but his wife Sarah (also a journalist for Newsweek) refuses to believe that he's dead and goes looking for him. She's helped immensely by the photo-journalists Eric Kyle and Marc Stevenson that she runs into over there; together, they're determined to make it through the chaotic landscape to Vukovar, which is not only the nexus of the war but where she believes Harrison is located. Meanwhile, Harrison's son Cesar is looking after his father's prized greenhouse, keeping hope, and flowers, alive.

Loretta's Flowers 2018

On a long summer's day in Toronto, a young woman cycles between increasingly intimate encounters with three diverse individuals, but remains trapped in a pattern of insatiable longing.

Dangerous Flowers 2006

Miki, the daughter of a professor and martial arts master is sought after by an organized crime syndicate for her knowledge about the location of a hidden treasure, the Andaman Pearl. Five sexy undercover agents Rose, Lotus, Pouy- sian, Spadix and Hibiscus - known as Chai Lai Angels are enlisted to protect her. However, the Chai Lai Angels are overtaken in an attack, which concludes with Miki being kidnapped. These dangerous flowers must use all of their resources and skills to fight and recover Miki and protect the Andaman Pearl. But, as they soon find out, this mission is unlike any they've encountered before.

Flowers 1969

While I was staying in New York in the 1960s during the rise of the hippie movement, I filmed performances of body painting by the artist, Kusama Yayoi, together with the performers. As I wasn't satisfied with merely documenting her performance, made super-impositions of flowers over the performance, more as a film poem than a documentary, since flowers was the symbol of the hippie movement as given the name "flower children."

War Flowers 2012

North Carolina 1863, the Civil War is raging. In this inspired story of tragedy and love we follow the lives of Melody, a precocious seven-year old, and her young mother Sarah as they struggle on their farm to survive during the Civil War.

Send Me No Flowers 1964

At one of his many visits to his doctor, hypochondriac George Kimball mistakes a dying man's diagnosis for his own and believes he only has about two more weeks to live. Wanting to take care of his wife Judy, he doesn't tell her and tries to find her a new husband. When he finally does tell her, she quickly finds out he's not dying at all (while he doesn't) and she believes it's just a lame excuse to hide an affair, so she decides to leave him.

Plastic Flowers 2004

Middle aged businesswoman Xie Chunhua is well-off but still leads a celibate life. In her plastic flower factory, she notices two young men: they have similar appearance, one plays flutes, and the other writes poems, entirely different from the rest of workers in the factory.

The Flowers of War 2011

A Westerner finds refuge with a group of women in a church during Japan's rape of Nanking in 1937. Posing as a priest, he attempts to lead the women to safety.

The October Flowers 2018

Danielle makes a deadly discovery when she inherits a house from her grandmother. Something mysterious from the past is lurking deep within the shadows.

Flowers 2011

A girl who loves to dance but has talent. ‘Talent’ is not something to be added on, but rather ‘complements what is lacking’. The important thing is to continually keep the easily wilted ‘flower’ blooming beautifully.


A snapshot into the last moments of a relationship gone well past its expiry date in the lead up to a tragic event. Very loosely inspired by Stephen King's "The Man Who Loved Flowers"

Valley of Flowers 2006

A Himalayan legend of a love struggling against the inevitability of death, an astonishing tale spanning from the early 19th century mountain existence, to hectic, bustling modern day Tokyo.

Night-Flowers 1979

Two Vietnam vets, Tom and Nordi, live sad lives in a crumbling New Jersey town. Sharing a one room apartment, they talk about their inability to hold down real work, struggle to get noticed at the VA and fail to connect with women. This changes for Tom when he meets Marcella and they begin a relationship. However, he can't escape his past with Nordi and the co- dependent, toxic relationship soon takes a gruesome turn.

Flowers for Algernon 2000

Charlie Gordon is mentally handicapped and all he wants in life is to be a genius. When he gets picked for experimental surgery it looks like his dream may finally come true. But the surgery has side effects that could could kill Charlie. Can Charlie survive being just plain old "Charlie Gordon" and will his newfound romance survive this test of character?

Different Flowers 2017

Uptight Millie Haven has always followed the rules, but when she has doubts before her big Kansas City wedding, her attitude-prone little sister Emma, the least likely of heroes, comes to the rescue. They embark on a spontaneous roadtrip to their grandmother’s farm where, with the help of Grandma Mildred, they rediscover their bond.

The House of Flowers 2018

The outward perfection of a family-run flower business hides a dark side rife with dysfunctional secrets in this darkly humorous comedy series.

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