Hop 2011

E.B., the Easter Bunny's teenage son, heads to Hollywood, determined to become a drummer in a rock 'n' roll band. In L.A., he's taken in by Fred after the out-of-work slacker hits E.B. with his car.

Hop 2002

All young Justin and his father want to do is sit down and enjoy watching a soccer game together. When this simple act sparks a chain of events leading to Justin running from the law, the boy must now embark on a thrilling adventure to reunite with his father. In order to fight the system, however, he must enlist the help of a former anarchist, and together they'll need to apply the secret of the Hop.

Backstage 2000

If you ever wanted to know what really goes on backstage, this is the definitive inside look - uncut and uncensored. Complete with on-stage performances you'll see an intimate view of what life is like at one of the biggest Rap Concert tours of all time. It shows life on the road, in hotels and off stage in a way you've never seen before.

BEEF: Russian Hip-Hop 2019

The whole path of Russian hip-hop from the underground to the huge stadiums, shown by the eyes of the brightest and most iconic representatives of culture. The film looks behind the scenes of Russian rap, exposing all conflicts and clashes, reveals the true look of the whole genre and answers the question of how he managed to capture the current generation and become the number one music.

You Got Served 2004

At Mr. Rad's Warehouse, the best hip-hop crews in Los Angeles compete for money and respect. But when a suburban crew crashes the party, stealing their dancers - and their moves - two warring friends have to pull together to represent the street. Starring hip-hop sensations Marques Houston, Omari Grandberry, Lil' Kim and comedian Steve Harvey.

Brown Sugar 2002

Sidney is a writer who's just left her L.A. Times music review gig to edit New York hip-hop magazine XXL. Dre is an executive with a hip-hop record company based in New York. They've known each other since they met as children, when both discovered hip-hop for the first time. Now that they're back together, they should be perfect for each other, except that Dre's about to marry lawyer Reese and Sidney claims not to be interested in Dre romantically. Meanwhile, Dre is growing increasingly restless with his company's focus on profit over artistry, which leads to signing the gimmicky duo Ren and Ten while ignoring the talented Chris

Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood 1996

When Ashtray (Shawn Wayans) moves to South Central L.A. to live with his father (who appears to be the same age he is) and grandmother (who likes to talk tough and smoke reefer), he falls in with his gang-banging cousin Loc Dog (Marlon Wayans), who along with the requisite pistols and Uzi carries a thermo-nuclear warhead for self-defense. Will Ashtray be able to keep living the straight life?

Hen Hop 1942

Hen Hop is a 1942 drawn-on-film animation short by Norman McLaren, in which a hen gradually breaks apart into an abstract movement of lines as it dances to a barn dance. One of a number of drawn-on-film animated works created by McLaren, Hen Hop was animated by inking and scraping film stock, with colour added optically afterwards. To make Hen Hop, McLaren spent days in a chicken coop to capture what he called "the spirit of henliness." The film was produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

The Bell Hop 1921

A government official staying in a hotel puts some important secret papers in the hotel safe. A ring of spies out to get the papers manages to steal them from the safe, and a lady government agent enlists the help of the hotel's bumbling bellhop in getting back the papers and breaking up the spy ring.

Da Hip Hop Witch 2000

5 teenage rappers gets notice of a mysterious witch that supposedly lurks in the ghetto and those who are attacked by her gets a successful hip-hop career. In their search for the witch, they come across various rappers whom already been attacked and retells their experiences.

Play'd: A Hip Hop Story 2002

Jaxx is an aspiring rapper/singer who is signed to a west coast record label run by Domino Breed, a tyrant who rules almost every aspect of his artist's career - and life. Similar to the real events leading to the death of 2Pac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G., a east coast/west coast battle goes on leading to death and deceit

Hop Step Jump! 2009

Tsuruoka Itto, unmarried at 32 years old, just started a job as the janitor at an all-girls' high school, where he's found the girl he's sure he's going to marry, Asahimura Sayaka. When he hears a scream out behind the school one day, he finds Sayaka-chan fretting about a frog inside her clothes, a problem compounded by her frog allergy which soon causes her to faint. Neither the teacher on the scene nor Sayaka's friend will touch the exotic-looking pink frog for fear of poison, which leaves Itto to put his body on the line to save Sayaka-chan. When he finally manages to fish out the frog, it's latched onto a cut on his finger and sucking his blood. Itto in turn soon faints from blood loss, and when he wakes up, he's going to find himself a whole new man...

Lindy Hop 2017

Short film with original footage taken from the internet, reprocessed into vertical stripes with three frame blocks of positive black & white alternating with high-contrast negative.

Hip Hop Locos 2001

A couple of Cholos make plans to break into the music industry

Hip-Hop Honeys

Game presents Hip Hop Honeys - upscale adult entertainment for the hip-hop generation. Watch stunning beauties from the hottest music videos on BET and MTV groove to blazing beats from the best producers in hip-hop. Hang with sexy super-star Crystal Knight and the world's finest exotic models for a steamy night on the town. It's 70 minutes of heat: more than 25 honeys exposed as block-rocking beats explode through your system! From the nightclubs of New York City to the neon strip of Las Vegas, the Game Girls know how to party. Pop bottles with rappers, DJs and beautiful women of all nationalities who love funky beats and sexy thrills. You've got a VIP pass for an evening with the

Scotch Hop 1953

A fast-paced rhythmic impression of dancers, musicians and sportsmen at a highlands event.

Love & Hip Hop 2011

When people think of the hip hop life, they think of the players - the men who shape the music and the blinged-out lifestyle that comes with success. The fact is the hip hop life is different for the women involved: the spouses, girlfriends or artists trying to define themselves in a world where men are still calling the shots.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 2012

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is the Atlanta based spin-off of Love & Hip Hop. It premiered on June 18, 2012, on VH1 and chronicles the lives of several women who are involved with hip hop. The second season premiered on April 22, 2013, with new cast members: Atlanta DJ and radio personality Traci Steele plus DJ Babey Drew, Traci's ex and father of their son Little Drew.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood 2014

Follow the young, hip-hop elite as they strive to either “make” or “maintain” a life in the La La Land of Hollywood! From hip-hop artists, to video vixens, to actors, personal assistants, girlfriends, and co-parents, we take an exclusive look behind the curtain at the lives of the hip-hop couples as they struggle to balance their careers and their personal lives.

Love & Hip Hop Miami 2018

Follow the young, hip-hop elite as they strive to either “make” or “maintain” a life in Miami.

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