Laura 1944

A police detective falls in love with the woman whose murder he's investigating.

Forever Emmanuelle 1976

At an institute in Manila, researchers and eco-tourists trade stories about the Mara tribe, who live on a remote island and have an annual festival of rebirth in which some of the tribe forget who they are and begin again. Laure is the daughter of the institute's director; she's a free spirit who has captured the fancy of Nicola, a European photographer. After a courtship in which the voyeuristic Nick indulges Laure's exhibitionism and sexual freedom, they set off for Mara land with Gualtier, an anthropologist, and his philosophical lover, Myrte. As they approach the Mara on the night of rebirth, who of the group will actually join the tribe to begin life anew?

Laura 1979

A blinded French sculptor completes a statue of a friend's daughter by using his sense of touch.

Te presento a Laura 2010

This is the story of 23-year-old Laura who lives in the largest city in the world and yet feels alone. She also knows the exact date in which she'll die: April 30. What Laura doesn't know is what she'll do from now till then, and thus she enrolls in a group of optimists, which she finds pathetic but fun. In that group she writes a list of 10 things she wants to do before she dies, some that mean a lot and some that are a lot of fun. The first thing on her list is to save a life.

Laura 1974

Three showgirls playfully mock the audience for attending a projection of an art film.

Laura Pausini: San Siro 2007 2007

San Siro 2007 is Italian singer–songwriter Laura Pausini's second live album chronicling her historic performance at Milan's Stadio San Siro on June 2, 2007. The album was released on November 30, 2007.

Laura 2010

“Laura” is based on a true story about a dramatic search and rescue mission at Halemba coal mine that gripped Poland in February of 2006. A miner was trapped underground, and by the fourth day when everyone was beginning to lose hope of his safe return, the rescue team heard a faint knocking on the pipeline. After a nearly a week long search, the miner was rescued. Those who followed the story closely called it a miracle. But the miner claimed that what saved him was stronger than a miracle – his love for his daughter Laura, and his wife Marlena.

Laura 2017

A young girl massacres those she holds responsible for the death of her loved one.

Laura 1962

The detective investigating Laura Hunt's murder finds himself becoming obsessed with the dead woman only to find out she's actually still alive.

Laura 2011

Laura, a sexy Brazilian immigrant, has been living in New York for 25 years. She is a regular at NY nightclubs and frequents the most exclusive parties and upscale restaurants. However, she lives in a modest boarding house in Manhattan, where she shares a bathroom with other guests who are largely illegal immigrants. The film questions the meaning of success, examines the fear of returning home, the unconscious pressure of the family she abandoned in Curitiba, and the deliberate creation of a fantasy as a means of protection.

Laura: A Sexual Object 1987

Laura is a sex educator hired to teach sex in exchange for money. A rich family hires her to give sex education to their asocial son.

Laura's Star 2004

Laura sees a shooting star falling to earth and finds it in a park, down on the floor and with a broken point. The star is a living being, and Laura takes her home to reattach its point with a band-aid. The little star has special powers and can make people fly, or bring inanimate objects to life. But the more she stays on Earth, the weaker she becomes and her colors fade away and her powers start to fail. Laura must find a way to send the little star back into outer space.

Simon And Laura 1955

Bickering married performers (Peter Finch and Kay Kendall) agree to star in a "Mr. and Mrs." TV show. Director Muriel Box's 1956 British comedy also stars Muriel Pavlow, Ian Carmichael, Maurice Denham and Richard Wattis.

Women's Prison Massacre 1983

Emanuelle, a reporter, comes just a little too close to exposing a corrupt official, and is sent to prison on trumped-up charges. In the prison, the inmates are constantly humiliated and tortured by the prison staff. Overly affectionate prisoners are forced underwater, while others are obliged to look on. Emanuelle finds an enemy in the deranged Albina, who "runs the prison." For the pleasure of the warden, Emanuelle and Albina are forced to fight each other with knives. Bad becomes worse when four men awaiting execution escape and take over the prison. Gore flows like water.

The Mysteries of Laura 2014

Laura Diamond, a brilliant NYPD homicide detective balances her “Columbo” day job with a crazy family life that includes two unruly twin boys and a soon-to-be ex-husband — also a cop — who just can't seem to sign the divorce papers. Between cleaning up after her boys and cleaning up the streets, she’d be the first to admit she has her “hot mess” moments in this hilariously authentic look at what it really means to be a “working mom” today. Somehow, she makes it all work with the help of her sexy and understanding partner, and things becomes even more complicated when her husband, ironically, becomes her boss at the precinct. For Laura, every day is a high-wire balancing act.

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