08/15 1954

Life in the barracks, drill, harassment, and private Asch′s pranks are the ingredients of Hans Hellmut Kirst′s successful novel "08/15" (the number of an Army regulation). Shortly before the outbreak of World War II: Private Asch and gunner Vierbein belong to the same unit but could not be more contrary. The instructors use every opportunity to bully the clumsy Vierbein with erratic corporal Platzek leading the way. The harassment starts with minor extra duties but soon the methods become more and more brutal. Finally, Asch comes to Vierbein′s help and takes on his superiors. Joachim Fuchsberger stars in his first major role.

08/15 at Home 1955

The third part of Paul May′s "08/15" trilogy based on the novel by Hans Hellmut Kirst takes place shortly before the end of World War II: In the spring of 1945, the German troops are practically defeated, and the battalion of Kowalski, major general von Plönnies and Asch who had risen to the rank of lieutenant in the meantime is left to its own devices to a large extent. They hope to be able to wait for the end of the war without having to encounter any combat operations. At the same time, Asch tries to prevent high-level Nazi officers from disappearing unnoticed and from cashing in on the chaotic circumstances.

00:08 2014

This piece takes 8 seconds, and creates intervals between the frames, and then makes them bigger. It's about expansion and enlargement, not the passage of time. 8 seconds becomes that much more luxuriant.

12:08 East of Bucharest 2006

It's the 22nd of December. Sixteen years have passed since the revolution, and in a small town Christmas is about to come. Piscoci, an old retired man is preparing for another Christmas alone. Manescu, the history teacher, tries to keep up with his debts. Jderescu, the owner of a local television post, seems not to be so interested in the upcoming holidays. For him, the time to face history has come. Along with Manescu and Piscoci, he is trying to answer for himself a question which for 16 years has not had an answer: "Was it or wasn't it a revolution in their town?"

Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder 2017

Annie Winters is a long-time customer of Rags-to-Riches and her husband Garret is a wealthy internet entrepreneur. When Garret’s dead body is found washed up on the beach, it looks like an apparent surfing accident. But Annie doesn’t believe the death was accidental and pleads with Jenn to take a closer look.

Beck - Spår i mörker 1997

A serial killer that decapitates people is on the loose in the Stockholm subway. Martin Beck and his colleagues try to catch the killer, while the panic in the city increases.

08/15 Part 2 1955

Winter 1942: Like thousands of other German soldiers, Asch and Vierbein have ended up at the Eastern front. Although Vierbein finds a new friend in Kowalski, the squadron commander captain Witterer, a true army veteran, gives them a really hard time. Witterer’s pointless orders reflect the bad habits of many former superiors. And again, Vierbein has to bear the brunt.

Detective Conan: Magician of the Silver Key 2004

Kaito Kid strikes again in this new annual installment of the Detective Conan movies. An actress asked for Mouri Kogoro to protect a precious jewel of hers which Kid has vowed to steal. On the day of the theft, Kaito Kid dressed up as Shinichi and matched wits with Conan, and fled in the end. To thank them, the actress invited Kogoro and family and friends to Sapporo, but a bigger scheme, and a great emergency is just about to unravel high above the clouds in the plane that they're taking...

11/4/08 2010

Weaving together footage recorded throughout the world on the day Obama was elected President, this verite documentary explores how people choose to live through 'history.'

Area 08 Vol. 1 2000

A film devoted exclusively to graffiti on trains and metros of Stockholm, Sweden. The soundtrack is composed by the famous Swedish rap group, Looptroop Rockers among others. The film features many sequences of trainspotting and backjumps with the WUFC in particular and the infamous scene with the trashing of a subway car. The film was immediately banned from sale by the Swedish authorities.

Glenn Beck '08: Unelectable 2008

Political humor which attacks the left and the right equally. It would make a politician squirm in his seat. In fact, the Governor of Texas withstood all the barbs and laughed throughout.

Visible Vote '08: A Presidential Forum

The Visible Vote ’08: A Presidential Forum aired live on August 9, 2007 on the TV channel Logo. It was the first-ever live televised forum with U.S. Presidential candidates discussing solely LGBT-related issues. Logo co-sponsored the event, the first live one in its history, with the Human Rights Campaign.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team 1996

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team is an original video animation anime series in the Gundam franchise. Released from January 25, 1996, to April 25, 1999, the 12-episode series details the exploits of an Earth Federation ground unit during the One Year War - specifically a month after the beginning of original 1979 Gundam series and into the final weeks of the war. The 08th MS Team is the first Gundam series to show the war from the viewpoint of the average soldier.

Maria Wern 2008

Crime Inspector Maria Wern returns to duty at the Police Department on the island of Gotland, and is immediately thrown into a murder investigation.

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